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Applications are now open for aspirant members

Applications are now open for aspirant members. Applications will close at midnight on 31 August 2014. Applications received after that date will not be considered for this round of applications.

If you like the outdoors, are a team player and want to join a friendly team of volunteers who dedicate their time to helping others in need, this may be just the opportunity for you.

The application form can be accessed from the link below.

Applications will be considered by the membership sub committee and successful applicants will be notified by mid August for a September 2014 induction and training.

The induction evening will take place on Friday 5th September 2014.

It is important for applicants to understand that they will need to commit to a period of initial training and that this will last from September until the end of November and will include several weekends of first aid (6-7 September 2014) , water safety ( 20 – 21st September 2014), navigation ( probably 4-5 October) and culminating in a Search Technician course (probably in Berkshire on 21-23 November) . These courses are compulsory. Please do not apply for this intake if you are unable to commit to training for this period. Friday night sessions will also be held as friday night is our regular training night.

The time commitment for training reduces significantly after November 2014 and will then revert to friday night sessions (probably two a month).

All applicants and Members are expected to attend and staff fundraising events (bag packing etc).

MerSAR is a volunteer organisation. We are not paid – training and call outs are undertaken at the individual’s own risk. We are all adults and rely on participants to inform us if they feel uncomfortable doing any activity at any time.

Any equipment that is provided is purchased from funds raised. Members will need to provide much of their own personal equipment (rucksack, waterproofs, torches, batteries, vehicles, petrol, food).

We welcome team players who are relaxed, have a sense of humour and who are happy to take part in our activities as probationary team members. It is very important to us to keep our team ethos and atmosphere.

Subject to team requirements, there may be opportunities, at the discretion of the committee,  for progression to Team Leader and Search Manager once probationary members have been offered full membership and served a suitable period of time and evidenced commitment to the team. Team Leader and Search Manager require further courses and training.

We look forward to receiving your applications and to welcoming you to the team and a very worthwhile cause.

MerSAR Application Form

New Member Intake – Applications opening soon…..

We will shortly be recruiting for a new intake of members.

Applications for potential membership will open on 1 July and close on 31 July. The new intake will start from September 2014.

Potential Membership application forms will be available on the website by 1 July.

Applicants will need to complete the membership application form – successful applicants will be invited to an induction evening. Training will commence in September. Between September and the end of November there will be regular training on first aid, communications, navigation and water safety. This training will culminate with a Search Technician Course in Berkshire at the end of November.

Provisional dates for this training are on the main website

The training calendar will be updated by 1 July (when applications open). Training will take place on Friday evenings and several weekends.

For this intake, applicants should ensure they are free to attend the training sessions. This will ensure that applicants meet the ALSAR requirements.

Applicants undergo a six month training and probation period. After the first three months, the training requirements over weekends reduce and training sessions will occur mainly on Friday nights.

There are attendance requirements. After six months, successful candidates will be notified that they are being offered places as MerSAR members.

Please keep watching this page and the website for application forms and further announcements.

A further intake is planned for January 2015.

Training Updates and Medical Director Recruitment

Eight team members completed remote area/outdoor first aid training that surpasses the ALSAR requirements. Those wishing to progress on to “Team Medic” roles will have the opportunity to undergo higher level training shortly.

We are actively seeking a Doctor with A & E experience to join the team to oversee Clinical Governance and to act as Medical Director. Please contact

We have recently run a navigation training session for team members and this will be repeated shortly – the aim is to secure National Navigation Award Scheme qualifications for all team members.

We will shortly be commencing rope rescue training for new members of our ropes team.

Annual General Meeting and New Committee

We recently held our first AGM and a new committee was unanimously voted in by the members. The new committee will be in office for one year – which will be a significant year for the group, covering initial training and hopefully lead to the group going live.

Photo from the AGM above.

Search Technician Training

Half of the team are undergoing Search Technician training this weekend with our mentor group – Cheshire Search and Rescue, with the other half undergoing training in the summer. Here’s to an interesting weekend!

Training With Cheshire SAR

Four members of Merseyside SAR team were invited to join our neighbouring team Cheshire for one of their training nights at Delamere Forest (28/Jan)

A good night had by all, on behalf of all the MerSAR team we would like to thank Cheshire for the invitation and warm welcome.