Merseyside Search and Rescue ‘Go Live’

A fantastic day for Merseyside Search and Rescue

The team is very pleased to announce that Merseyside PoliceĀ  have granted operational status to Merseyside Search and Rescue , as of today, on deployment by and under the direction of the Police Force.

This is a momentous milestone for the team, which, three years ago was just setting out the journey that has led to today. It has taken many hours of our members time, training, studying, administration, committees, assessments, conferences, fundraising, more training , and so it went on. It is a testimony to the dedication, commitment and hard work of our members, past and present (along with the support and understanding of their families) that we have got here.

We have also enjoyed the support fromĀ  neighbouring teams at Bolton MRT and North East Wales SAR and advice and support of colleagues in teams further afield.

We are also very grateful for the professionalism that Merseyside Police and the officers managing the process have shown to the team, and we look forward to further developing a positive partnership.

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