Search and Rescue Exercise Arrowe Park

MerSAR’s highly skilled team were in Arrowe Park last night on yet another full exercise in live conditions with excellent numbers turning out. Callout procedures, communications, operations control, navigation, search techniques, medical assessment and casualty extraction overseen by qualified personnel. Our activities and equipment drew much interest from visitors to the park.

Merseyside Search and Rescue ‘Go Live’

A fantastic day for Merseyside Search and Rescue

The team is very pleased to announce that Merseyside Police  have granted operational status to Merseyside Search and Rescue , as of today, on deployment by and under the direction of the Police Force.

This is a momentous milestone for the team, which, three years ago was just setting out the journey that has led to today. It has taken many hours of our members time, training, studying, administration, committees, assessments, conferences, fundraising, more training , and so it went on. It is a testimony to the dedication, commitment and hard work of our members, past and present (along with the support and understanding of their families) that we have got here.

We have also enjoyed the support from  neighbouring teams at Bolton MRT and North East Wales SAR and advice and support of colleagues in teams further afield.

We are also very grateful for the professionalism that Merseyside Police and the officers managing the process have shown to the team, and we look forward to further developing a positive partnership.

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Thanks to all who contributed to our collection in Liverpool One. For the latest Merseyside SAR news please visit our facebook page.

Search Exercise Formby

Team members have been in the Formby Woods and Dunes area today conducting a search exercise and VHF radio coverage assessment. Many thanks to the National Trust Rangers for their assistance.

International Mersey River Festival 2016

Over the weekend various team members brought along and staffed a PR display publicising Merseyside Search and Rescue at the 2016 International Mersey River Festival.

Thanks to the Event Managers and their colleagues at Liverpool City Council for granting us the opportunity and allocating us such a great location to exhibit on Hartley Quay, and of course thanks to our volunteers who gave up their valuable time. We also received just over £74 in donations which will be put to good use for which we are grateful.

As always the event saw thousands of visitors and we were able to speak to many people and raise the level of understanding of Lowland Search and Rescue on Merseyside. The team also took the opportunity to conduct radio coverage surveys, work closely with safety boat teams and liaise with St John Ambulance and Albert Dock security.

Sunday PM Team members proceeded directly from the event towards Formby for a search but thankfully the missing child was located whilst our volunteers were en route.

Southport Reporter

Management Committee Meeting 27th may 2016

The Committee of MerSAR held a very productive meeting on Friday with progress in a number of important fields and some very interesting news for the near future, including the prospect of getting a lot more photos online. All unpaid professionals, giving up their time and energy to make a difference.

New MerSAR committee

Last night the newly expanded MerSAR Executive Committee held its first monthly meeting following election at the AGM. With such a group of enthusiastic volunteers boasting a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience in operational matters, business and charity administration this promises to be a year of great progress. We are now also Registered Charity No. 1166213.

Thanks to all who have volunteered in the past year for their efforts and the positive contributions they have made.

Applications for joining MerSAR

New Membership Intake: NOW OPEN FOR JULY 2016 INTAKE

Applications are now open for aspirant members. Applications will close at midnight on 1st July 2016. Applications received after that date will not be considered for this intake. If you like the outdoors, are a team player and want to join a friendly team of volunteers who dedicate their time to helping others in need, this may be just the opportunity for you. The application form can be accessed from the link below. Applications will be considered by the membership sub committee and successful applicants will be notified. It is important for applicants to understand that they will need to commit to a period of initial training and that this will last at least six months on Monday nights. Additionally we undertake training exercises and fundraising on various weekends. Please do not apply for this intake if you are unable to commit to these training events. There is also an overall requirement to attend 75% of all training sessions delivered. The Search Technician’s course is also compulsory and is residential from the friday night until sunday afternoon, including night exercises.

Attendance requirements for all members is 75% attendance and apologies being given for any training/events that cannot be attended.
All applicants and Members are expected to attend and staff fundraising events (bag packing etc).

MerSAR is a volunteer organisation. We are not paid – training and call outs are undertaken at the individual’s own risk. We are all adults and rely on participants to inform us if they feel uncomfortable doing any activity at any time. Any equipment that is provided is purchased from funds raised.

Members will need to provide much of their own personal equipment (rucksack, waterproofs, torches, batteries, vehicles, petrol, food) plus cover their own travel costs. We welcome team players who are relaxed, have a sense of humour and who are happy to take part in our activities as probationary team members. It is very important to us to keep our team ethos and atmosphere. We do not need new management. Subject to team requirements, there may be opportunities, at the discretion of the committee, for progression to Team Leader or a search specialism once probationary members have been offered full membership and served a suitable period of time and evidenced commitment to the team. Team Leader and specialist functions require further courses and training.

Please follow the link to the online application form.