Volunteering with Merseyside Lowland Search and Rescue

We are a fully voluntary group dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. Every member of our charity generously donates their time and covers their own expenses without receiving any financial compensation. Our volunteers contribute in two main capacities: Operational and Non-Operational roles. When recruiting new volunteers, we welcome individuals who are passionate about fundraising, event coordination, and becoming operational Search Technicians.

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First things first!!

It is crucial for potential volunteers to fully understand the level of commitment required when joining our Lowland Rescue Search Team in an operational role. This commitment extends beyond just your own involvement; it also impacts your family, time, finances, and normal daily routines. It’s important to recognise that emergency call-outs can occur at any time, often disrupting your regular schedule.

In addition to time commitments, there are financial considerations as well. As an operational volunteer, you will need to have your own reliable transportation, cover fuel costs, and purchase necessary clothing and personal equipment such as torches. However, we advise against rushing out to buy extensive equipment on your first day. It’s best to start with the essentials and gradually acquire additional items as needed.

It’s worth noting that the average amount of volunteer hours per individual is approximately 200 hours per year. This figure helps provide an idea of the time dedication expected from our operational volunteers.

It’s important to manage expectations regarding the nature of our work. If you are seeking an experience involving sirens, blue lights, high-speed driving, and adrenaline-fueled actions, our organisation does not engage in those activities. Our top priority is always safety, and we strictly adhere to Lowland Rescue operating procedures to ensure lives are saved in a safe and secure manner.


In addition to the operational commitments, it is essential to emphasise that our organisation operates as a charity, and each member is expected to actively participate in fundraising efforts. Fundraising is a vital component of sustaining our organisation, and without it, MerSAR cannot continue its valuable work. It’s as simple as that.

We rely on the collective efforts of our dedicated volunteers to engage in various fundraising activities and initiatives. By actively contributing to fundraising efforts, you directly contribute to the continued existence and success of MerSAR. We appreciate the commitment and support of each volunteer in helping us achieve our mission and make a positive impact in our community.

Search Technician – Operational

To ensure a smooth transition into an operational role, all new potential members are required to begin their search career as a Search Technician foot-team member. To commence this journey, attendance at our training evenings is mandatory, with sessions primarily scheduled on Monday evenings starting at 19:30. Additionally, we occasionally conduct full search exercises on weekends.

While we understand that everyone has other commitments and a busy schedule, regular attendance is crucial to maintain professional competency in core skills. We acknowledge that 100% attendance may not always be feasible, but we expect a minimum of 75% attendance to stay up-to-date with essential skills.

Our team members will receive comprehensive training on various core skills, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary knowledge. These skills include navigation, radio communication, first aid, search techniques, and outdoor skills. Rest assured, we provide thorough instruction to ensure you are prepared for your role and beyond.

As part of the physical requirements, you will be expected to walk five miles across different types of terrain within a maximum time limit of two hours. This ensures that team members maintain a suitable level of physical fitness.

We value the diversity of our team, and recognise that not every role is suitable for everyone. We have a wide range of abilities, backgrounds, and skill sets within our team, fostering a collaborative environment that leverages each individual’s strengths and contributions.

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